Birth Stories

Meredith’s two passions in life are photography and the labor & delivery process, which is why telling birth stories are one of Meredith’s favorite things to do. Because of this, she strives to capture all of the little details and small moments that friends and family often miss during the excitement of such a big day. From the time she arrives and up through a couple of hours after delivery, Meredith uses her art of photography + videography to tell the story of your little one’s grand entrance into this world.

Utilizing her years of experience in both photography and labor & delivery as an RN, Meredith’s understanding of the birthing process, familiarity with hospital policies and procedures, and expert knowledge of changing lighting situations allow her to tell the story of one of the biggest days of your life without anyone else having to worry about the camera and taking pictures in those moments. Investing in birth photography and inviting Meredith to be a part of your birth team allows everyone involved in your growing family’s big day to be completely in the moment. She captures the strength and determination you show through your labor of love in high-resolution still images as well as high-definition video with top of the line DSLRs, which allows her to move freely around the room while also staying out of the way when necessary.

Your baby’s birth – it’s as big of a moment, and every bit as exciting and important as the day of your wedding. Choosing birth photography allows you to relive this moment for years to come and to be able to see it from a perspective you may miss while you are working hard to bring your baby into the world. With birth photography, you won’t miss seeing your husband there by your side – coaching you with each contraction – or the hard work of your birth team while they support and care for you. You will be able to relive the anxiousness and excitement of your family as they wait for the big moment of meeting the newest member of the family. And of course, the moment your precious baby arrives and is placed into your arms can be viewed over and over again.

To see some of Meredith’s photography + videography birth stories, please visit her “BIRTH STORIES” PAGE.